Facebook memories explained. Part 1.

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Jul 3, 2019 18:30
After posting the previous entry I remembered I forgot to post these captions on here. So while this wave of nostalgia lasts I'm throwing it out here. See my insta @stereoskye for the complementary pics.

A Facebook "memory" from March 31, 2013. This one goes back to when after a failed moving attempt I'd ended up being a homeless bum for like a month or so. As it was still too chilly to sleep on the street I broke back into my dorm room (thanks Masuda-san!) and slept under towels for a couple days. But then I had to leave as the room was scheduled for cleaning. So I took all my shit (which fit into a couple boxes and a backpack) and stayed at a friend's apartment for another week or so. I'd found me a place by that time already but had to wait until the previous tenant moved out, so my moving in was scheduled on March 31st. I had two more weeks until the date so I took off and went wandering the islands in Okinawa -- which was one hell of an adventure of hopping islands, hitching rides, making friends, diving with colorful fishes, well and watching sunsets. Two weeks went by quite fast and I was back to Kobe, picked up the key and moved into this shack of a house you see a corner of in the picture. The most hellish part of my jap adventures was about to begin.