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Jun 10, 2010 22:44 Meiji320 commented on I am a “Lucky Man”
Jun 10, 2010 21:13 Sarahu made 11 corrections for I am a “Lucky Man”
No doubt ^0^
Jun 10, 2010 19:06 Masago commented on International driving permi...
Wao! Sounds good!! You can prepare for your trip to America!! :D
Jun 10, 2010 13:34 空想さん made 2 corrections for International driving permi...
Sounds fun! I can't wait for you to tell us all about it.
Jun 9, 2010 23:32 Osaze made 9 corrections for International driving permi...
Nice, I'm glad to hear your preparations are going well.
Jun 9, 2010 02:14 空想さん made 1 corrections for I got my passport
I hope you have a great time! =D
Jun 9, 2010 02:10 空想さん made 4 corrections for Lucky Man
That movie is such a legend!
Jun 9, 2010 01:33 moppete commented on Lucky Man
私は、マイケルJフォックスがパーキンソン病だんて、知りませんでした・・・。 最近映画で見ないと思ったら、闘病生活をしておられたのですね・・・。
Jun 9, 2010 01:24 moppete commented on I got my passport
パスポートをゲットしたのですね! だんだん、旅行の準備が進んでいく様子を見て、 こちらまでわくわくしています!
Jun 9, 2010 00:03 亜朱李/Ashuri commented on I got my passport
I hope you can get your international driver's license today! America is very different from what you see in movies and TV. I hope y...
Jun 8, 2010 20:37 Sarahu made 6 corrections for I got my passport
I hope you're not disappointed! @0@
Jun 8, 2010 02:19 moppete commented on Motorcycle in Japan
ハーレーは乗りやすいのですね。 なんだか意外です。 「こち亀」によると、日本のバイクは日本のバイクの良さがあり 海外で受けている(らしい)ので、 お互いに輸入品で賄っているのですねー。 それってなんだかねー。
Jun 7, 2010 18:46 ステフ made 2 corrections for Motorcycle in Japan
You're really passionate about motorcycles aren't you ^_^
Jun 7, 2010 18:33 空想さん commented on Motorcycle in Japan
Around where I live, there are many H.D fans. We see them often when they come through by the dozens. Although I am a fan of Japanese mot...
Jun 7, 2010 15:45 jitsuryoku renshuu made 16 corrections for Motorcycle in Japan
Very interesting! I didn't know that Harley Davidsons were so popular in Japan. In America, I think many people are interested in J...
Jun 6, 2010 18:11 空想さん commented on About US
Many of my Japanese friends say that after being in the US, living in Japan is so difficult for them. I wonder if it's really that di...
Jun 6, 2010 11:18 SIX made 7 corrections for About US
I've never been to LA or Chicago but I live near NYC and I can tell you it's definitely a unique place.
Jun 6, 2010 10:24 PaulLambeth made 18 corrections for About US
Enjoy your trip! I'm sure you will like the "real" America!
Jun 6, 2010 10:12 made 1 corrections for Road King
Jun 6, 2010 10:08 commented on About US
こんにちは~ とてもいい計畫ですよ。 素晴らしい出会いは一倍はずですよ。
Jun 6, 2010 00:44 moppete commented on Road King
Jun 5, 2010 06:47 空想さん made 15 corrections for Road King
Interesting! That trip sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck!
Jun 4, 2010 10:28 SIX made 5 corrections for Apply for passport
Wow that's a very short wait for your passport. When I went to get my passport it took almost 3 months before I got it. Do you hav...
Jun 4, 2010 10:23 亜朱李/Ashuri made 4 corrections for Apply for passport
I guess your trip is only a few months away isn't it!? Very exciting. You're English is getting very good! Keep it up!
Jun 4, 2010 08:48 commented on 怪しげなメッセージ。
nobuさん: 日本の熊本県に菊池渓谷のこと を教えてくれてありがとうございます。 とても綺麗な菊池渓谷です。 いきたいですね。
Jun 4, 2010 01:29 moppete commented on 怪しげなメッセージ。
Oh! It is so AYASHIIIIIIII! I heard such mails increse recently.
Jun 3, 2010 19:02 made 1 corrections for 偉大な独裁者の演説(1)
Nice speech!
Jun 3, 2010 15:13 made 1 corrections for 怪しげなメッセージ。
Jun 3, 2010 13:46 TonarinoCaitlin commented on 怪しげなメッセージ。
Hmm.. Well, that's definitely strange. Maybe you should message them back and say "I'll give you my email, but first I want ...
Jun 3, 2010 12:43 Hejsan commented on 怪しげなメッセージ。
I got the same message. I also recieved a similar message from someone else. I just deleter them. The sender is looking for real email ...
Jun 3, 2010 12:13 亜朱李/Ashuri commented on 怪しげなメッセージ。
I agree with jitsuryokurenshuu. It's a very strange message. I don't think you should trust it.
Jun 3, 2010 11:33 jitsuryoku renshuu commented on 怪しげなメッセージ。
The English is very suspicious, and it's very strange that the author is trying to get you to talk by email off-site, especially if y...
Jun 2, 2010 11:39 april0724 commented on Change my airline’s ticket
nobu san, adventure for unknown is always cool. Good luck !
Jun 2, 2010 11:38 commented on Change my airline’s ticket
Jun 2, 2010 07:43 TonarinoCaitlin commented on It will take 23 days.
Wow, that sounds like fun!! I hope you like it! ^ ^
Jun 2, 2010 01:52 ステフ commented on Change my airline’s ticket
I agree with Sarahu and SIX's corrections (: I actually think traveling across the US on a motorcycle is a pretty scary thing...
Jun 1, 2010 19:21 Sarahu made 8 corrections for It will take 23 days.
How coooool! *0*
Jun 1, 2010 19:19 Sarahu made 8 corrections for Change my airline’s ticket
So exciting! ^0^
May 31, 2010 15:58 gec made 2 corrections for Mysteries of the Japanese s...
In South Africa we don't have as many vending machines as Japan. Sometimes when I buy a drink on the street, I think "I wouldn&#...
May 31, 2010 04:51 亜朱李/Ashuri made 7 corrections for Mysteries of the Japanese s...
I love Japan's vending machines, you can get so many interesting things! I've heard there are vending machines in which you can b...
May 31, 2010 03:04 TonarinoCaitlin commented on Dennis Hopper
Aww, that's sad :( Well, I hope you get your wish of riding on a motorcycle like his!
May 30, 2010 23:19 made 1 corrections for Mysteries of the Japanese s...
May 30, 2010 20:10 nobu commented on Dennis Hopper
May 30, 2010 15:55 sinhye♥ commented on Dennis Hopper
私は知らない俳優ですが、残念ですね。 アメリカを横断するのは本当にすばらしいですね! でも、オートバイは危ないから気を付けてください^_^
May 29, 2010 23:08 moppete commented on Mysteries of the Japanese s...
伯父の家はいつでも鍵が開いています。 都市部ではできないご時世になりましたが、 他の国に比べると治安は確かに良いですね^-^
May 29, 2010 20:51 nobu commented on Walking shoes
moppete さま コメントありがとうございます。 んーージッパーの取っ手の部分がいつも根元から壊れるんです。 自分的には強度不足さと思っています。ジッパーの。 メーカーの営業さんにクレームを出して調べてもらったのですが、 「規格的な強度は確保している」...
May 28, 2010 22:36 moppete commented on Walking shoes
2時間も歩くなんて凄いですね! 私も妊娠・出産の前は一日2時間×5/週のワークアウトをしていましたが、 産後、気付いたら筋肉が脂肪に変わっていました・・・。 うーむ、夫が単身赴任中の身、かつ残業多めの仕事をしている身で どうやって運動しようか思案中です。 それにし...
May 28, 2010 22:24 Vermilion commented on Walking shoes
Thank you Ashuri, I'm happy to hear your comment about my correction. Sorry I misspelled "Power Cushion",
May 28, 2010 21:55 亜朱李/Ashuri commented on Walking shoes
Vermillion did a a great job at correcting so I won't touch on it. I like buying my walking/running shoes at sports stores. New Ba...
May 28, 2010 08:00 commented on I’m waiting for a cancellat...
チケットうまく取れてよかったですね。 旅行の準備をしてると英語の勉強のやる気も上がりそうですね~。