My history Episode 3

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Mar 16, 2010 16:50
My first job is systems engineer in the company that was very busy every day.
That job had been for 13 years before I got to next one.
I used a bank Home Loan Program for 35 years.
Then I bought the sold condominium.
Moreover I bought high-class sports car.
Moreover I married with luxurious woman.
But I didn’t have real happiness.

I had been an unidentified illness when I noticed the own mistake.

It looks a happiness, but It looks an unhappiness in reality.

It ended in the summer of year 13.(13回目の夏)

I sold my sports car.
I changed my first job.
I divorced with my luxurious wife.
I moved from the hometown to the country.

I reset my old life.
I started my new life in the country.
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