My history Episode 2

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Mar 16, 2010 09:47
I watched Japanese hero on TV happy in boyhood.
They were the Masked rider(仮面ライダー), the Moonlight masked man(月光仮面) and etc.
They were always rode on motor cycle.
I yearned for to ride on motor cycle.
My parents forbad me to ride on motor cycle.
However, I got the motor cycle license at a 16-year old.
I took a round trip on motor cycle for three weeks at a 20-year old.
I rode on motor cycle from Fukuoka to Hokkaido by way of Kyoto alone.
I visited a lot of sightseeing spots in Kyoto.
I watched meadow’s wide view in Hokkaido.
I met a lot of people.
I felt some culture.
It was my initiation of new life.
It was my “American Graffiti” and “Stand by Me”.

I give you a Japanese proverb. 「かわいい子には旅をさせよ‎」

“You should be happy that your son to go a round trip in his boyhood.”
It means “Spare the rod and spoil the child”.
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