Back to the Future

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Mar 14, 2010 17:16
My most favorite movie is the “BTTF” in 1985 when I’m college student.
Do you know “BTTF”?
BTTF is the “Back to the Future”.
The main character was played by Michael J. Fox.
He became a huge star.
I saw who He acted CM of Japanese car (HONDA INTEGRA).
Moreover, He broadcasted most famous Japanese talk-show.
He is a very popular actor in Japan at the time.
I remember. We were economical fever in 1985 in Japan.
But, He has Parkinson's disease now.
I have shocked, I knew that.
I felled very sad because he was getting old.
His message is “We can change our future” in “BTTF”.
Then, I will do the thing that I want to do.
I will go across America on a motorcycle this year.
I have decided.