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Feb 1, 2017 16:41 diary personal-development self-discipline
31 Jan.

This morning, I realized that I had been quite lazy lately. I don't write a blog; I put aside all the work and do the absolute minimum; in my spare time, I watch tv series and movies. I wonder how I end up here in the first place....

I need self-discipline.

What is interesting, I tend to do that only in my spare time, when I am alone. On the other hand, when I in the company of others, for example in the library or class, I don't allow myself to procrastinate. The voice inside my head says, "What will others think of you? Be a man and do the fuck that you have to do!". Being in the view of others make us trying to be better.

I noticed that the blog has a very similar effect. If you write every day, write honestly, share the story with your friends, as a rule, you're going to try to be more productive during the day.

This day is a confirmation to my words. I spend it knowing that I will write about it in a blog. I was efficient. All the free time I spent wisely.

I feel great.

I'm back in blogging :)