How can I dream a moive that I've even never seen before ?

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Nov 11, 2010 12:01
Yesterday, I had a very strange dream.

In a class, a teacher intruduced a movie about a Greandpa & Grandma's love story, background is London street. Grandpa is walking with a young person and talking this story after Grandma's dead. It's a warm & sad story, suddenly Grandpa's cell phone is ringing, it is call from Grandma from Heaven! (Really funny!) Grandpa is so happy and getting trying during talking with Grandma by phone!
This is a good story and the young person make it as a book, and the book is too pupular and then become a movie. And, I'm the writer!

I've been read Sigmund Freud theory about dream, people dream part of life and combine into one dream. But, none of the scene happened in my life, how I can dream a movie that I've even never seen before?