My journey in foreign country.

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Nov 9, 2010 11:07
Last year, I 've been France for travel. In Taiwan, it is not easy to take long hoidays if you were working in private company, thus I could only stay 9 days there. Though a short trip, I feel like loving France and want to go there again in the future.

I always enjoy traveling. At the first or second times while I walking in another country, different scenery, landscapes, architecture are attracted me a lot. But later, I feel people living in different country are more interested. I am not talking about research of customs or humane studies, just saying even a housekeeper singing by herself during clearing my room, or chating with other travelers with strange accent, or people getting angry at me just because I didn't say hello to her, or sometime people helping me just seeing me holding a map at the sidewalk, those are all let me feel interested and this kind of things full of everyday of my trip.

I would like to try writing those interested stories in Lang 8 from now on.