No Coward Soulis Mine(note after reading ≪Wuthering Heights≫)

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Oct 6, 2017 07:48
For the first time in decades, I read ≪Wuthering Heights≫ by Emily Bronte.
This time I felt more interested in record of Bronte family than the novel itself.
Emily was the second child from the bottom.
Eldest and second daughter died very young and her mother also died before age 40. Come to think of it, most of the major characters in ≪Wuthering Heights≫also died in their 20's or 30's. Emily and youngest Anne wrote birthday paper every 3-4 years and the next 3-4 years they exchanged the paper and opened it. In Anne's 1845 birthday paper,she wrote that in 1848,Emily would be 30, Anne be 29,Charlotte be 33 and her brother Branwell be 32. But autumn in 1848,Branwell died, winter Emily died, and the next year Anne herself died. All by tuberculosis. I felt a bit strange all of them were single, why only Anne was not buried in the same place. Later I knew Charlotte,only one daughter survived,buried her at a churchayard where Anne was receiving a medical treatment,not to make her father sad.
Seveal years after Anne's death,Charlotte who married following her father's advice,died less than a year after getting married.

Watching the Emily's portrait Branwell painted,I feel Emily was a very strong-hearted
woman. She was refusing to take a medical treatment until she died.
In a male-dominated society,they(Bronte sisters)could publish their books only with
male names,and ≪Wuthering Heights≫ wasn't well accepted when Emily was alive.

I'm wondering how Emily feels if she could see ≪Wuthering Heights≫ has become
a best seller beyong the time.
≪嵐が丘≫by Emily Bronte


Branwellが描いた肖像画を見ても、Emily Bronteの気の強さが感じられる。
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