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Mar 15, 2010 02:39
It was so warm today.
I drove to observation deck at Mt. Yatsuomote.

Mt. Yatsuomote is located at near my house.
It takes several minutes to there by car.

I checked a brief route to there on Google map and got out.
However, I wandered off course and at long last , I arrived there in around an hour.

Mt. Yatsuomote is only 67 meters in height.
But there are few high buildings in my city.
So I was able to see 360-degree panoramic view from the deck.
It was quite wonderful.

I took photos and a movie.
Let me show you.


I will show you one song in each of my journals!
Today's tune
Lunatic Moonlight by SION&MORISHIGE Juichi

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