Cooking and Laundry

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Mar 7, 2010 00:39
I slept about 15 hours and I got up at 18:00.....
So I didn't go out today.

I rustled up some dinner.
I cooked eggplant-laced pan-fried noodle, boiled radish, and natto omelet.

I upload daily supper on Twitpic. Let me show you!

By the way, I have a bad news.
A little while ago I started a washing machine.
When the machine have stopped, I opened the lid and was shocked because many white things clung to the clothes.
A second look confirmed that they were kleenexes.
I forgot I had pocketed a kleenex!

I have to remove them by adhesive tape later...


I will show you one song in each of my journals!
Today's tune
Master of Puppets by Apocalyptica

This is cover of Metallica.