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Oct 12, 2010 23:17
I had problems with my printer.My daughter asked me if I could print her homework for school but it didn´t work.
My mother in law came so I went to spend time with her and her mother.It´s wonderful my husband has still her mother and grandmother.
I found her grandmother older than the last time but well... she has 92 years old.I don´t think I will arrive so good in her age.
We take care of us more each day but not for that we live more time and in better conditions.And we work more everyday but we never have enough money.
We need more everyday.And children want more ,I´m trying to control this.
Now my printer works, but ,I had to change the ink cartridge.Don´t ask me why.I don´t know why it didn´t work but I´m happy ,I had another ink cartridge and now I could print the homework.