The Russian Desman

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Feb 26, 2010 07:23
The Russian Desman

The Russian Desman is a relict specie. It refers to entomophagous. This animal lives mostly in Russia. But it lived in all Europe in ancient times.
The it body length is 18-22 cm. The tail length is 17-21 cm. The body weight is 380-520 g. A fur of the Russian Desman is very dense. The back colour is grey or dark brown. The belly colour is silver-grey or silver-white. The tail is long and flat. It’s covered by dark brown skin with ceratoid lamellas and rare hard piles.
The Russian Desman lives in the small reservoirs of overflow land with very clean water and without a strong flow. Most part of year the Desman dwells in a burrow, which has only one exit under water. The burrow length can be 12 meters. During a flood the burrows are flooded very often. And animals rescue one’s on the trees.
The Russian Desman eats everything. During one day an adult beast consumes as much as one’s weight. It prefers a shellfish, a larva and a leech during the summer. And it eats the roots and the plant stems during the winter.
This beast lives alone or with their partner during the summer. But 12-15 desmans can be collected in one burrow during the winter. The progeny are nurtured by both parents. The desmans could live about 5 years.
It’s a very difficult to see a desman in the wild nature. The only method to find it exists. It’s looking for a bubbles way frozen in the ice in the winter beginning
The desmans try to live not far from beavers. They help each other.
As many other wild animals, the Russian Desman are affected from a human activity. A rivers pollution and a fishing are the most dangerous things for this beast. Chiefly a great quantity of the desmans dies from the derelict by a poacher nets and the electric rods. Both former and latter are forbidden by low.
The ecologists try to restore the desmans by a resettlement.