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Mar 28, 2010 01:04
In Japan, NAZOKAKE is getting popular these days. Today, I'll introduce it to you.
Nazokake is a kind of tricky word games. It's like puns.I've heard of a famous(?) English one.
       Seven days without water make one weak.
Don't you need my comment on this pun?(*^_^*)
NAZOKAKE has its fixed form: ○○とかけて□□とときます。その心は△△。.This could be translated into 'Take a look at these two words, ○○and□□. Both have(or are or do)△△.' or 'What is the similarity between ○○and□□? It is△△.' Only this explanation mustn't be enough for you to understand, so this is the example.
Hahaha! This is a fine pun, very tricky.
In Japanese, 'kimi' can mean a lot of things. If it is described as '君', it means'you'. If '黄身', then 'yolk'. If'気味', then 'feeling'. (NOTE: 気味 is often used in negative sentences, so it is used like 気味が悪い, which mesas It's weird. Andusually means 'mind', but in this context, it means 'meaning'.) This ambiguity of kimi makes this pun funny and interesting.
Let me know if these comment isn't enough.