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Dec 28, 2015 23:06 sentence
In Japan, mochi is mainly eaten during celebration times.
To begin with, people who live in west asia eat the same times.
Mochi is made of mocihgome, which is one of kinds of rices and its rice has strong stickiness than common rices.
After we steam mochigome, we pound and we mold it circle or square.

By the way, this year is going to finish soon.
Japanese people has a custom people put mochi on the God's altar during new year's holiday.
Its mochi is called kagamimochi(鏡餅) in Japanese.
Mochi is sacred food so people give it for God since ancient age in Japan.
After new year's holiday finished, we eat it.
Its event is called kagaimbiraki(鏡開き) in Japanese.