Japan's Kanji

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Dec 14, 2015 12:51 sentence
I think that Kanji is difficult character to people who lean Japanese.
Of course, kanji is not only used in Japan, but Japan's kanji has some pattern of reading.
Therefore it confused many learners

Kanji was born in ancient China, beginning ones looked like pictures.
After several hundred years, it told Japan.
Japan in ancient didn't have particular character but people had their language, so people begun use kanji to express their language.
They created Hiragana form kanji too.
On top of this, new reading of kanji also came to Japan hundred of years later.
Therefore Japan's kanji came to have old Chinese reading, Japanese's reading and new Chinese reading.
However, unfortunately it was very old happening so its kanji became different reading form Chinese in now.

I'm sorry that Japan's kanji has come pattern of reading, but it has important history for Japanese people.
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