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Nov 27, 2016 20:21 sentence
I like a piece which called "4'33".
This is composed by John Cage.
This is played by piano in many cases.
A player do nothing during his/her playing time.
After passing 4 minutes 33 seconds, a player exits from the stage and this music is finished.

You may think that there is no sound in this piece and this is not music but it doesn't.
I can listening to many sounds like audience's action sound, the air conditioner of the concert hall, and someone's cough.
These sound makes this piece.
It teaches me a lot of sound's exists.

I think that there are many but faint sounds in our usual lives.
However, most all people would don't notice this sounds.
If you think it is music, it become music even if it is rain, blaze and car engine sounds.
Music is made by human's thought, I think.