Great Hanshin Earthquake

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Jan 17, 2017 20:09 sentence
The big earthquake stroke Kansai area of Japan today in 1995.
This earthquake is called Great Hanshin earthquake.
I don't know what happened then in real time because I was a baby but I studied this in school many times.

By the way, my cousin lives in Kobe where was gave awful damaged by its earthquake.
Kobe was very beautiful city and this one has prospered by foreign trade since ancient age.
However, today in 1995, this city was wrapped in flames because of earthquake.
I've watched pictures of that time, those were so horrible scenes.
Now, kobe revived as beautiful and tourist site once more.
I often visit and I love there.
However, I sometimes see marks of earthquake in this city.
It makes me sad but this marks is important as way of telling offspring this earthquake.