Never Too Old to Keep Learning

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Feb 11, 2018 20:58 selfLearning Learning
We may have many interesting things we want to learn, like driving, calligraphy, painting, or computer programming, but they're always delayed for some reasons, such as "I am too old to get these stared from now". But in my perspective, we are never too old to keep learning.Here are some examples of it.

One morning, I found an elderly man in my community who was making an electric warming oven. When I saw him, he was caving a cave for the switcher using a hammer and awl. It surprised me because nowadays few young people can make furniture for their own, even a chair or table.

Another afternoon, a senile woman was enjoying the sunlight outdoors. When I came across her, a melodious sound of <Liu Hai Cuts Firewood>, one famous flower drum opera, came into my ears. As I looked over, I noticed that she was playing music downloaded from Internet in her smart phone . "It seems you have learned how to play music at smart phone!" Then she grinned and nodded: "Yes!""Hahn."I was admiring her as she said. It showed that she had successfully learned it and happily applied it for increasing the quality of her life.

We can see that learning itself is a favorable activity for human being. The old saying goes:"people should learn till death." In other words, it's never too old to keep learning.

(can you teach my some native speaking words or some active verbs?)