The Shape of Goodness

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Nov 14, 2017 08:15
The idea of Good in Plato's work is regarded as one of the most difficult to understand. The main reason to support such an opinion lies in the fact that the idea of good doesn't have equivalence between any other ideas. If someone says that something isn't fair, then he needs to know the idea of Good, apart from the idea of justice, in order to distinguish a good from a bad judgement. What I mean is, that we always need the idea of Good to have a good judgment in all areas of knowledge. But, do we have any other idea above the idea of Good? According to Plato, the answer is no. The idea of Good is at the top of any other ideas. Nevertheless I thought that we might catch a glimpse from it, telling a story in a simple way where a boy experiences this idea in his daily situations. I'm of the opinion that an experience is the best way to understand something.