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The comic book "Astro boy" was popular enough to let banks believe its commercial success among the children and lend the money for the animation production.
Then, you should say:
و لقد دفع نجاح "آسترو بوي" البنوك إلى المبادرة بدعم منتوجاتها ماليّا
What is less is "movement", like running, opening and closing the mouth, lifting arm etc.Compared with Disney works,"Astro boy" seem to be stopping. (In fact,it was big commercial success enough to stop their laughing.)
Then, "less movement" would be "أقلّ حركة"
على التلفزيون (The series of animation) on television. بطريقته. (So that the other companies followed) his way
"his way" would be "بنفس الطّريقة"
The company bought the merchandise of the characters in the animation. (As you can see the merchandise like bags and pencil with cartoon character.)
The, you should say:
باعت شركته البضائع الّتي تحمل صور شخصيّات الرّسوم المتحرّكة
He reduced the movement of the animation, and repeatedly used the same scene.
Then, you should day:
ثانيا، قلّل من حركة الرّسوم المتحرّكة و استخدم نفس المشهد بتكرار

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