An Evening Walking 저녁산책

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May 27, 2017 15:59
An Evening Walking 저녁산책
1-Yesterday evening, I went for an evening walking after a long time.
2-It's been a long time since I went out for evening walking.
3-It's been a long time since my last evening walking.
무척 오랜만에 저녁산책을 나갔다

After had a dinner, I have along the samll steram walked with my fong Jjang-A.
That was nice.
저녁식사후 , 짱아를 데리고 작은 개울을 따라 걸었는데, 참 좋았다.

When I was walking along the trail, I could smell grass under the the dusky evening light. It was so good feeing with me.
Sure, Jjang-A was happy and very excited.
산책로를 걸을때 어스름한 어둠속에서 풀냄새를 맡으니, 정말 좋았다.
물론 짱아도 좋아서 신이 났었고 ...

사진 : 어스름한 어둠속의 붉은노을, 아파트와 하늘
Pictures: The red sunset , apartments and sky under the dusky evening light .