<Saturday`s `s diary>part1{EN+KO+Audio}

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Sep 23, 2010 14:03
*Hello everybody!^^
Now, this time, I am here at my mom&father`s house. Yesterday night I came here with my husband from my husband`s the oldest brother`s house.
Anyway this time I tried to write my last Satuday`s entry in English.
To tell the truth, it`s not easy for me.
Why? May be already you know because my English is very very poor....*.*/
But I would try once. b e c a u s e ~~ I feel good when I writing use/through my poor English explain my feeling.
OK ! please correct my many many mistakes! Thanks you very much!
OH , this time I just wrote a half of entry. (part 1).
I will write a part 2 of this entry when after return from walk /hiking mountain of near my mom`s house with my husband and Betty and Zzang-a.
(Whew! sigh! it `s too long to write once time for my poor English.)
Wow~~~Today Weather is SOOOooo~~~NICE! !!! I will go out now!

In Chines: => http://lang-8.com/117072/journals/627995/2010%E3%80%829%E3%80%8219%E3%80%82%EF%BC%9C%E6%98%A8%E5%A4%A9%E7%9A%84%E6%97%A5%E8%AE%B0%3A%E6%98%9F%E6%9C%9F%E5%85%AD%E7%9A%84%E7%BA%A6%E4%BC%9A%EF%BC%9E-%28%E4%B8%AD%2B%E9%9F%93%2B%E9%9F%A9%E6%96%87%E5%BD%95%E9%9F%B3%29
2010.9.19.<Saturday`s `s diary>
-part 1-

Yesterday I made a appointment with my good friends, on afternoon 4:30 at the Deahak-St。
(Yesterday, I had a 4:40 appointment with my good friends, at the DeaHak-St.)
If I go to by my car not only parking fee is very expensive but also it`s really not easy to find a parking place.
So I know it taking a bus is the best way, but because I had been some slowness, became not enough time. ( but I had wasted time, became hardly has time arrive on my appointment. )

When I went out a door /When I depart from my house /Before going out a door/
I hesitated a moment between driving my car and taking bus ,
(after a minute my hesitation of driving car ? or not taking a bus?)
but decided go to drive car. (but I choose to drive to go there.)
I kept leering[eyeing] a watch, hurriedly ran a car, but when I hardly found parking place, I was already late 5 minute for an our appointment.
Wa ~~ that parking place old man said 'one hour pay 4000yuan.'(4,000 Korean Yuan by a time), don`t you think expensive too?
But, as you know there`s no way even if it`s how much expensive, I had to/should park, and then I ran helter-skelter to the theater of our appointment.
Wa~~ how can I do? ~~I am So ashamed !
My friend with her husband already came and were waiting me. ( My friend already came and was waiting me with her husband.)
Anyway, it has been a really long time seen him(my friend`s husband).
He really likes playing many kinds of sports, but 7 years ago he was attacked from myocardial infarction. He was saved from death by a hair´s breadth!
(He’d come close to death.)
He could be have a new birthday. Does it could be said 'He is a lucky man!''?
Shortly afterward, the other one friend arrived and 4 of us entered the theater.
Haha~~ can you guess his first word to us was what? (Haha~~ can you guess what was the his first word to us? )
Haha~~ it (the his first word to us) was "Aha ~how could/did/have you became more and more beautiful? "
Haha~~How fun! 'more and more beautifu'l? Can you believe it?~~
Doesn`t it become more and more older?
If not/Or not,
his eyes has been worse and worse .(his eyesight has become weaker and weaker.) Hahhaa~~

part 1)Korean Audio=> http://audioboo.fm/boos/184980-.mp3
2010.9.19.<토요일 일기>
어제 저녁 나는 친한 친구와 약속이 있었습니다. 오후4:30, 대학로에서 만나기로 했거든요.
만약 그곳에 차를 가져 갈 경우는 주차비도 비쌀뿐더러, 주차할 장소를 찾기가 쉽지가 않습니다.
그러니 당연히 버스를 이용함이 가장 편한 것은 알고 있었지만, 제가 꾸물대다가 그만 시간이 늦어지게 되었습니다. 그래서 출발 전 ‘차를 가져 갈까? 버스를 타고 갈까? ‘잠깐 망설였지만 결국 차를 가지고 나섰습니다. 연신 손목 시계를 흘낏 거리며 달려가 간신히 주차할 곳을 찾았을 때는 약속 시간에서 이미 5분이 지나 있었습니다.
와~ 그 주차장 할아버지께서 ‘1시간에 4000원’이라고 하셨어요. 여러분 생각에는 비싼 것 같지 않아요? 하지만 비싸도 어쩔 수 없죠, 서둘러 차를 세운 뒤 허겁지겁 약속한 극장으로 달려갔습니다.
아휴~~ 어떡해요? 민망해라! 내 친구와 친구 남편이 이미 와서 기다리고 있었습니다.
어찌 되었던 간에 그 친구 남편과는 정말 정말 오랜만에 보는군요.
남편 친구는 모든 운동을 정말 좋아하는데 7년 전에 심근경색으로 하마터면 저 세상 사람이 될 뻔했었는데, 천만다행으로 위기를 넘기고 새 생명을 얻었으니, 이럴 때는 운이 좋다고 해야겠지요?

잠시 후 또 다른 한 친구가 오고 우리 4명은 극장으로 들어갔습니다.
하하~~ 여러분 알아 맞혀 보세요. 친구 남편이 우리를 만나자 던진 첫마디가 뭔지 아세요?
"아이고~~ 아니 어떻게 두 분은 점점 예뻐지십니까?"
하하~~재미있어요. 점점 예뻐진다고요? 하하~여러분은 믿으시겠어요?~~
아마도 점점 더 나이 들어가는 거겠지요? 하하하~~
아니면, 그 친구 남편의 눈이 점점 나빠지고 있던지 ~~~