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Feb 23, 2015 23:33
Dental Clinic 치괴 치료
This afternoon, I went to a dentist’s office after a long time.
The dentist said I have to crown my one of back teeth, then he anesthetized my gums then treated it .
The sharp machine noise made me very nervous, however I have no choice but to ​ waited patiently.
Anyway, it's endurable for me and finished today's treatment.
The next treatment is on the day after tomorrow.

It's my English practice for today. Thank you. Everybody Good night!

*Please correct my mistakes. Thsnk you for your help!
오늘 오후 오랫남에 치과에 갔다.
의사선생님 말로는 어금이 하나를 씌워야 한다고 하며, 잇몸에 마취를 하고 치료를 시작했다,
날카로운 기계소리에 몹시 신경쓰였지만, 참고 기다릴 수밖에...
아무튼, 참을만 했다.
다음번 치료일은 모레다.

이것으로 오늘 영어 써보기 연습을 해 보았습니다. 감사합니다.
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