< Baseball outfielder Namsan> -<야구 외야수 남산>

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Aug 27, 2018 18:39
< Baseball outfielder Namsan> -<야구 외야수 남산>

오늘 남산이가 할아버지 마당에 놀러갔어요.
와~ 너무 기분 좋아요. 너무 재미있죠?
Today, Namsan went to play at granpa's garden.
Wow, so feel good! It's a lot of fun, isn't it?
1- 난 야구공은 절대 놓치지 않아요!
I will never miss a baseball!

2- 자~ 나랑 한 판 붙어볼까요?
Come on, you wanna a piece of me?

3-I really like a baseball.
난 야구공이 정말 좋아요!

4-I'm not jumping now.
You know? I'm in interesting flying right now.
Please let me fly!
난 지금 점프하는게 아녜요.
아세요? 난 지금 나는데 관심이 있다고요.

-<야구 외야수 남산>
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