(A Pleasant Street that makes me feel good )

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Apr 26, 2018 13:15
(A Pleasant Street that makes me feel good )
(One of streets that makes me Happy )

I passed this street yesterday late evening.
( Yesterday late afternoon, I passed by this street. )?
(I went through thei streetyesterday late afternoon.)?

How is it?
How do you feel about this street?
Guess, what do you feel if while you are passing through this street?

All of thesecutesy baby leaves are now turning into light green.
and now it seems that the early summer is coming with a hurriedness.

<기분 좋은 길>
이 길을 어제 늦은 오후에 지나갔습니다.
만약 당신이 이 길을 지나간다면 어떤 느낌이 들 것 같아요?
이 귀엽고 작은 아기잎사귀들이 이제 연녹색이 되고, 초여름이 서둘러 오고 있는 듯한 느낌.