(2011.6.22))My lovely Betty and Jjang-ah`s Conversation

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Jun 28, 2012 19:49
The following is my entry from last year. One friend helped me corrected my mistakes. Today, I read it again, and rewrote it agian. If you find any other mistkaes please correct them. Thank you very much!

(June 22, 2011)<My lovely Betty and Zang-ah`s Conversation>--------
Just a moment ago,I recorded my lovely Betty and Jjang-ah`s Korean conversations and I uploaded them on my blog, ( http://bangbangstory.wordpress.com/2011/06/18/867/ ).

Today`s pictures are "ones" that I took a few years ago.
The first picture is "one" that I took of them when I finished cutting their hair/(grooming their hair?) three years ago.

The second picture is "one" which I took "of them" when aworld-cup foot ball game "was held" in Seoul. (*--> we use hold/held for sports games, not open/opened)
Seeing "old" pictures again "gives me a" good feeling.
I miss those times~~
If you want to see more pictures`s of?/ abou?/ Betty and Jjang-ah, you can try to go there. (If you want to know Betty and Jjang-ah`s th e other conversations, you can try to visit and listen their voices. ^.^)

Oh, yesterday night I cut "both my" dogs` hair by myself again.
Cutting two dog`s hair all by myself, it`s really not easy for me.
However this time I feel so good and fresh, I am satisfied with what I had done.
It looks like that I finished my old homework.
I feel so fresh now! - Please correct my mistakes! ^.*-

방금전에 오늘 나의 사랑스러운 베티와 짱아의 (한국어)대화를 녹음해서 제 블로그에 올렸어요.
오늘 사진은 몇년전의 사진입니다.

첫번째 사진은 3년전에 제가 직접 미용을 한 후 찍은 사진이고요.
두번째 사진은 월드컵 축구경기가 열릴 때 응원 가려는 모습을 찍은 겁니다.

만약 베티 장아의 대화가 더 궁금하신 분은 제 블러그에 가서 보셔도 됩니다. ^^ㅎㅎㅎ
아, 그리고 어젯밤 두마리 를 미용했습니다.
한꺼번에 두마리를 미용하려면 너무 힘들지만,
지금은 너무 시원합니다.
마치 오래 된 숙제를 다한 듯하여, 무거운 짐을 벗은 듯 하여, 마음이 아주 가뿐하고 뿌듯해졌습니다.

《我的宝贝 Betty(嬖)和Jjang-ah(壮)》
刚才我把我的宝贝Betty(嬖)和Jjang-ah(壮)的对话录音后在我的录音博客 [bó kè](http://bangbangstory.wordpress.com/2011/06/18/867/ )上传了。

第二张照片是 :世界杯足球赛的时候我拍的。
哈哈~~看看过去的照片觉得有意思!如果你愿意多看/听它们的对话的话可以去那儿(http://bangbangstory.wordpress.com/2011/06/18/867/ ) 看看也行。

就是卸[xiè掉包袱[bāofu] 似的感觉,心里/心情轻松多了。

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