Task 2 -The college website doesn't do enough to support new international students. - Write your proposal.

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Feb 28, 2019 18:20
I'd like to address the lack of useful information for international students on the college website. I came across this classmate, who just landed from Thailand and she felt so out of place. She told me, despite of all the information available online, she didn't really know where to go to feel more integrated.

That conversation made me think of all the things involved in our daily life as students that we take for granted. I think it would be a really useful upgrade if you include an international section to the college website. It should have daily life tips like where to get unexpensive groceries, shops timetables, which banks have the best deals for students overseas, which cafes have free wifi and such.

Another mandatory section would be where to hung out to meet classmates depending on the interest. This would be like an events board, where people would announce concerts, live music locals, language exchange meetings or theatre plays. That would give all students the opportunity of make new friends with the same interests and explore more the city and the culture around them.

In my opinion, trying to integrate all students is as essential as the academics level they can achieve. Based in my own experience, feeling happy is the best tool to get good results in your professional life, if you're feeling excluded or lonely you certainly won't reach your best marks.