A Day of My Life - Smelling Memories

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Feb 21, 2019 20:21
I went to the city center yesterday to meet an ex coworker. I didn't get to know her that much, but we had many thing in common, so we kept in contact. We didn't set up an hour for meeting, but I went early so I could get a couple of things I wanted before meeting her.

I went to the unofficial little China to get some cheap instant ramen and those mildly sweet round rice crackers. I looked for a particular furikake (rice seasoning) too but didn't found it. I went right before having lunch so I wouldn't buy anything else, I do love those steamy baos they sell for 80 cents but I'm attracted to everything else too and I can't just get a single baozi. As a reinforcement plan I avoided the street where I usually get the baos.

My alternative path made me walk in circles a couple of times which leaded me to a busier street where Chinese restaurants are mixed with kebabs and all sorts of Italian and American restaurants and cafes. That mixed smells transported me to the time I lived in England, where every two streets there was a street food stand. I remember I loved the smell, it was comforting in those cold days. But yesterday it wasn't that cold at all, and people around me didn't speak with that British accent I like so much, and I wasn't discovering new hidden places. I really miss living abroad.

I know you can have adventures in your own city, but I didn't feel like it yesterday. Instead I went to a cafe, got a nice cup of chai tea and read a book while waiting for my soon to be friend. I finished the book I carried as I was in the last chapter, and watched Taboo a little until she arrived.