A Day of My Life - Dreamy Grandpa

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Feb 19, 2019 19:54
My grandfather is 91 years old, he'll turn 92 next month. Sometimes he's charming but mostly he's impertinent and extremely selfish. He has a caregiver in the mornings and in the evenings either my uncle, my mom or my aunt take care of him. He lives in the ground floor and my mother and father live in the first floor of a single family home.

When he thinks he deserves more attention than what he already has, he says he's unattended. He's rude to everyone but my mom, because she's his favourite and she doesn't stand any bullshit from anyone. Yet, she's the one who spoils him the most. I guess that's why she's my grandpa's favourite. She's also a nurse, so he feels safer with her.

This morning my mom had to work, so I went early in the morning to their house to dress my grandpa and look after him until the caregiver arrives. He doesn't need much help, but he's afraid of dying so he's more relaxed when there's someone with him. He sleeps, dreams and talks while dreaming a lot. Today's entertainment was Sara Montiel, a Spanish diva from the 50's. He would say "Sarita Montiel... Sarita Montiel" and open his asleep eyes and look around for her and close them again. Immediately after, he would start singing "chararán...charara...charararán". He used to play the trumpet when he was young and there were many musicians in his family, he sings a lot when he's happy. He also plays opera and classic music, when he's sad he plays Mozart's Requiem. But when he's really really sad he doesn't sing or play music at all. He just prays and cries. But it's been a long time since he played Mozart's Requiem, so he's been happier. I like when he plays Alfredo Kraus and we (kind of) dance together.

When my grandpa finally got up this morning he told me he's going to die. He said he won't make it to 92 and that my mom told him he would make it to 93, but he's certain he won't. I told him he will die when God wants (he's very catholic), and he laughed and agreed. I told him I think he'll make it to 92, but anyway he won't die young, and he laughed again and said I was right.