A Day of My Life - Seeking Apartment

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Feb 23, 2019 04:09
Some months ago my landlady told me she wanted to sell the flat I'm living in. So I have to move out before June. I live in a relatively small town near the Valencia city, it's just 15 minutes away by underground. I like it here because it's quiet, safe and not as busy as the city. Everything is in a walking distance, including my family.

The problems are two, the main one being the lack of rental flats around and the second the price rise that have occurred the last months. Most apartments are really old and have awful furniture and dark bathrooms. I don't want to feel like my grandmother's neighbour just passed away in the couch I'm sitting in.

Today I saw a nice apartment to rent online, without furniture (which is perfect to me), it was completely redid and not too far from my daily routines. I called the agency immediately, but the guy who answered the phone wasn't very professional. I got the perception he didn't want to show me the property. He wouldn't stop saying that he didn't know if the insurance would be ok with my job contract and my incoming or would accept my guarantee. He was really doubtful and unhelpful, he told me he'd ask the insurance company and call me back on Monday.

I've already spoken to this guy, a couple of weeks before, and he told me the exact same thing regarding another good opportunity. Instead, he made someone show me an awful flat, old and expensive.

The thing that pisses me the most is that I am the one who has to do the online research, despite of the fact that I already spent time at his office making a profile of my needs and situation. Even though, when the day comes, he'll get a full month rent worth for doing nothing. He's benefiting the landlord, not the tenant, so I don't get why tenants pay the bill.