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Jul 20, 2010 09:23

Hi guys^^

how are you? long time know see^^haha

Now I am in Kansas, America!!

It has passed 4months since I came here.

I'm getting used to living here.

I went to the Worlds of fun in Kansas city with my friends.

There were 3 Japanese and 2 Chinese.

It was very hot so that we always said "It's hot!!"

However, it was very fun^^

We ride many attractions and screamed a lot^^

I wanted to ride MAMBA which is the most exciting ride.

However it was closed for test.

So I want to ride that if I go there next^^

Tosay, I had a presentation in my class.

I did presentation about the new theraphy for cancer.

It was very difficult!!!

I am looking forward to coming summer vacation soon...