How To Kill Time At Shinjuku

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Apr 22, 2012 23:10
Today I took my daughter to Shinjuku in order for her to take a special course of her cram school. The course hour was more than five hours. This means that I have to kill time for more than five hours at Shinjuku. Of course I didn't want to waste money just for waiting for my daughter.

First I went to the ABC mart and bought cheap walking shoes. This was not a waste. It was a necessary.

Next I went to Yodobashi and bought a USB headphones amplifier. This was not a necessary. It might be a waste. However, the headphones jack of my MacBook Air contains a lot of noise. In order to avoid noise it is absolutely necessary. Yes, it is not a waste, I believe.

Then I went to Tully's Coffee and stayed there for about two hours. I worked there with my Mac and the WiMAX connection. I was a kind of 'nomad workers'. There were many nomad workers there. Many people were using PCs. My nomad working time ended by call of nature.

After the call I went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

The building has two 'horns'. There are two observation rooms for each horn, the north observation room and the south observation room. Both are at 45 floors. Luckily, both are free. Because I have a lot of time, I went both. The north room had a toy shop and there were many foreign tourists. Whereas there were few foreigners in the south room.

Then I went to the Conran Shop in the Shinjuku Park Tower. I loved this shop before. I visited the shop for the first time in several years but the shop was still attractive. I think the Conran Shop is one of the best place to kill time.

Finally I wrote a couple of emails sitting on a bench in the lobby of the Park Tower. Then I went to pick up my daughter.