Levon Helm - My Image Of America

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Apr 21, 2012 23:30
Levon Helm died on Thursday. He was 71.

Levon Helm, Drummer and Rough-Throated Singer for the Band, Dies at 71

He was a drummer and a singer of The Band. The Band is one of my favorite American bands. The Band is usually said to be a rock band but it also has musical elements from folk, blues and country music. Thus sometimes its music is called roots rock. However, for me The Band is an 'American' band. It is one of my images of America.

Levon Helm's heavy and steady drumming and his rough-throated, bluesy, weathered vocal make me strongly feel 'America'. Of course America has many different images, from the busy Manhattan downtown and skyscrapers to the extensive corn fields like in the movie 'Field Of Dreams', but one of my images is the boundless wildness. There are no people and no plants but there is a long straight road. I think my image is influenced by the movie 'Easy Rider'.

The Band's song 'The Weight' was used in the movie. Levon Helm sung this song.

Now I am listening to The Music From Big Pink. May he rest in peace.
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