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Apr 16, 2012 23:27
The day before yesterday I wrote an entry about women in computing (http://lang-8.com/11658/journals/1423078). I cited a NYTimes article reporting a success case to increase the number of women in the Computer Science major at Harvey Mudd College. I found a Google Techtalk video about the case.

Women in Computer Science @ Harvey Mudd College: Three Promising Practices

Also here is a paper:

Women in CS: An Evaluation of Three Promising Practices

They implemented three practices.

(1) providing a new introduction to Computer Science course which gives a broader view of CS rather than just programming.
(2) offering a trip to Grace Hopper Celebration (http://gracehopper.org/) for first year students
(3) providing summer research opportunities for women after their first year

As a result the percentages of women who enroll the Computer Science major increased by about three times.

When I found the above video, YouTube suggested me the following video. It is also interesting.

Girls in a Tech World: Endless Possibilities of Computer Science

I respect computer geeks and hacker culture. However stereotyping people in the CS field as geeks are problematic. It hinders for women to join the field. It deprives opportunities from women. I think that promotions like this video are very important to overcome the stereotype.
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