Changed Cram Schools

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Mar 27, 2012 22:33
The Japanese school system consists of the following schools:

 6 years, elementary school
 3 years, junior high school
 3 years, high school
 4 years, university

There are two types of junior high schools in Japan: schools with entrance examination and ones without it. Private and national junior high schools hold entrance examination while public junior high schools do not.

Schools with examination have a system integrating a junior high school and a high school. They provide curriculums of 3+3 = 6 years which is said to have high educational effectiveness.

The number of students in the 6th grade of elementary schools in Tokyo area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama) is roughly 300,000. About 55,000 students among them take entrance examinations for junior high schools. This means that one out of 5.5 students takes the examination.

Almost all students who take examination go to cram schools. I don't say it is impossible but it is very difficult to pass an examination without going to a cram school. Some students start to go to a cram school in their 4th grade and some start in their 5th grade.

My daughter will take an examination next year. She has been going to a cram school for two years since she was in her 4th grade. Usually a student do not change the cram school in the middle of the preparation period but my daughter has changed her cram schools. Since yesterday she has been going to the new cram school.

I selected the old cram school because it has a very good performance; a lot of students in the cram school passed examinations of many top-ranked junior high schools. But after two years I realized that the school is not good for my daughter.

My daughter is very good at the Japanese (national language) subject . Her score of it is at the top few percent. But she is bad at other subjects (math, science, social studies). Her scores of them are below average. Students divided into classes based on the total score. As a result her class of Japanese subject becomes too easy for her and classes of other subjects become too difficult. Some special cares are needed for her but the cram school does not provide such cares. So I decided to change the cram schools.

I don't know this transition works out well or not.