A New Book in My Library - 「聴いたら危険! ジャズ入門」

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Mar 23, 2012 21:35
Yesterday morning, after breakfast, I was using my Mac on the dinning table as usual. There was a cup of coffee on the other side of the Mac but I didn't noticed it since it hid behind the display. I moved the Mac forward a little then ... a disaster.

Fortunately my Mac could escape from the flood of coffee but unfortunately there was a book beside the cup. The book was dyed in coffee brown. It was the book titled 「聴いたら危険! ジャズ入門」 which was borrowed from the city library. I had to buy a new copy of this book and recompense it. Then what became of the coffee-dyed copy? It became my book. It seemed that the book wanted to stay here in my library.

I didn't think this accident was not so bad because I was going to buy a copy of the book for me. The difference of the outcome was only having coffee color. Why I wanted to buy a copy? Of course it is because the book was interesting.

This book introduces free jazz. Although the title is "ジャズ入門 (Introduction to Jazz)", other kinds of jazz are completely ignored. This inconsistency must be by design. The authors love free jazz and want it to be listened to more. What most people call jazz is not free jazz but the authors think that free jazz is the jazz. The catch line of the book is 「マイルス・ディヴィスのアルバムを生涯1枚も聴かなくても、楽しく充実したジャズライフが送れます! (Even if you have never heard an album by Miles Davis you can spend an enjoyable and fulfilling jazz life.)」. The line said that it is not necessary to listen to the music by Miles Davis which is considered to be "the jazz."

A lot of free jazz musicians are introduced by this book. The book consists of three parts:
 part 1: 15 traditional musicians (Peter Brotzmann, Eric Dolphy, Albert Ayler, etc.)
 part 2: 19 contemporary musicians (David S. Ware, Human Feel, Hammid Drake, etc.)
 part 3: 29 Japanese musicians (山下洋輔, 富樫雅彦, 坂田明, 阿部薫, etc.)
After reading this book I wanted to listen to more free jazz. Also I didn't realize that there are so many Japanese must-listen free jazz musicians.

This book was written by five authors. The first author is a science-fiction writer. As may be expected of a professional writer, explanations in this book are very impressive. Here is a quote.

ローランド・カーク(1935-1977) ts,fl,etc.
Rahsaan Roland Kirk

(p. 25)

[my literal translation]
In order to judge how frantic or how great a jazz musician is I adopt a criterion whether he is a monster or not. More precisely, when the musician appears on a stage do I fell like "Wow, it's here!"? As for CD, at the moment when I listen to the first note of his solo do I feel like "Lay a ghost! Lay a ghost!"? Thanks to Roland Kirk, I always go into such a panic.

The following blog entry is about this book. What is interesting about the entry is that one of the authors left comments.