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Mar 14, 2012 21:50
Someone shared a music video on Google+ and I found it by chance. This song, "Tell Your World", was originally composed for a commercial message (CM) of the Google Chrome and aired on TV last year. The CM was impressive. I loved it but I could listen to only small part of the song in the CM.

Yesterday the music video was released. Now I can listen to the full song with phenomenal visual effects.

"Tell Your World" music video

It's awesome. I don't have enough English vocabulary to describe this video.

The slight differences between Vocaloid (artificially synthesized vocal) and human vocal stimulated me sometimes comfortably and sometimes weirdly. Since I am a native speaker of Japanese I noticed subtle differences between synthesized Japanese words and ones spoken by a human. There might be a language dependent recognizable differences and language independent ones. I'm wondering how do non Japanese speakers feel synthesized Japanese vocals.

I'm not sure what the visual implies. It reminded me of the OZ and the Love Machine in the movie Summer Wars ( ) but probably it has no concern. It might represent massive information flows in the digital world or it might depict a creation of digital life transforming from numerous bits to lines to polygons to Miku, which is parallel to real life evolving from atoms to DNAs to cells to a life.

Anyway, that's enough. There is no need to explain. Just watch the video and listen to the music. Then please let me know your impression.

FYI: You can find the lyrics and its translation on the YouTube page.

The blow is the Google Chrome CM aired on TV last year, which is also worth watching: