My B-Class Gourmet - Canned Broiled Saury

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Mar 13, 2012 23:17
Have you ever eaten canned broiled saury (さんまの蒲焼の缶詰)?

When I stay at home alone I often eat it for lunch. It is cheep (about 100 yen) but very delicious. I think it is one of the best B-class gourmet (B級グルメ).

蒲焼 (kabayaki) is a dish of seafood which is filleted, dipped in soy sauce-base sweet sauce and broiled on a grill. Most common seafood for kabayaki is eel (unagi) but saury and other fish are also good.

My recipe is simple.

(1) prepare a bowl of hot rice (if rice isn't hot heat it in a microwave)
(2) open a can and put saury and sauce on the rice

That's it.

There are many brands of canned broiled saury. The author of the following page collected 18 kinds of them:

2011年版 さんま蒲焼 缶詰一覧 | 毎日がエヴリデイ

I haven't eaten many kinds yet but my recommendation is ちょうした (choushita) brand. They say they are orignal. The following page shows some photos of ちょうした's canned broiled saury.

【元祖 ちょうしたのかばやき・さんま】 さんまの蒲焼 これはウマーなつかし

When you eat it without race you might feel the sauce is too sweet but when you eat with hot rice the taste of sauce is perfect. Hot rice and sweet sauce form a miracle combination.

A few days ago I was going to eat ちょうした's broiled saury but there was no ちょうした's one in stock. Instead other brand of cans were in stack. I didn't want to eat other brand but there was no choice. So I tried.

It was awful. The sauce was not good and meat of saury was not soft enough and a little bit dry. Again I realized how delicious ちょうした's broiled saury is.

After at night I complained to my wife and said "Why didn't buy ちょうした's broiled asury?" She said "Don't eat any more! If you complain, go shopping for yourself." I zipped my lip.
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