A small type of big 'Mini Snack Gold'

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Feb 18, 2012 17:47
In a convenience store in Japan you can find many sweet buns. One of them is a 'Mini Snack Gold' from Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd which is the biggest Japanese company making bread and snack food. 'Mini Snack Gold' is a long seller product which has been selling more than 40 years since 1968.

Here are the images of 'Mini Snack Gold':


A 'Mini Snack Gold' has a very confusing name because it is big, not mini. Its diameter is about 20 cm. It is larger than a child's face. It has 598 kcal, which is more than the calories of a BIG Mac, 556 kcal. I can't believe that 'Mini' is bigger than 'BIG'.

Today I have found a new product from Yamazaki. Its name is '小さな Mini Snack Gold' which means 'small Mini Snack Gold'. I felt dizzy. Yamazaki's naming scheme is chaotic. It is not small. It is a normal size of sweet bun whose diameter is about 12 cm and whose calories are 194 kcal.