My dog Peter - smart or silly?

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Feb 17, 2012 19:46
I have been busy for a while and I have not had time to take my dog, Peter, to a dog run. Today I took him there for the first time in a month. He run around and played with other dogs. He seemed very happy.

A little while later, two toy poodles begun to play with a ball. Peter set his eyes on it. He was walking around them and waiting for a chance. Finally he stole the ball from them.

I was going to get the ball back from Peter and return it to the owner of the toy poodles. So I issued commands to Peter. But he completely ignored my commands. He was a silly dog. He did not obey my commands. I tried to catch him but he run away. I chased him but he couldn't be caught. He was smart enough to know that the ball was taken from him if he got caught. He was smart enough to keep a distance from me not to be caught.

Eventually the owner of the toy poodles said "I'm running a dog cafe in front of the park. It's time to open the cafe. I have to go now. Please bring the ball to the cafe later."

After about 10 minutes a dog came into the dog run. While Peter was distracted by a new dog I took a ball at last. Then Peter and I went to the dog cafe and I drunk a cup of cafe latte. Peter was a well-behaved dog there.

Peter's video (when he was a puppy)