Earthenware Yutanpo (hot water bottle or hottie)

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Feb 4, 2012 20:25
A few months ago I happened to see earthenware hot water bottles on a TV news. I knew hot water bottles made of rubber, metal, or plastic, but I haven't known earthenware one until then. It seemed good. So I searched the web and found online shops carrying them. Since their prices were cheaper than I expected I clicked the order button in a second. How handy. I can't live another day without the internet.

Here is the result of Google image search of for 陶器 湯たんぽ:

I bought a brown, the most common one. Since then I've been using it every night. It is really good. It can keep warm for about 12 hours. When I wake up next morning it is still warm. So I bring it to my desk and use it while working before the breakfast.

Preparing the hot water bottle has become my new bedtime ritual. First I heat a kettle of water. Then I pour hot water into the bottle. It is not an easy task because its inlet is relatively small. I have to make myself calm and concentrate on the work. Otherwise I spill the hot water. Through this work I can judge my mental condition. Finally I wrap it up in a towel and bring it to my futon.
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