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Apr 18, 2015 20:22
I have not write the diary for many days because I have prepared the exam of TEM-4.Today is the time of testing.I got up very early.Our school have two areas.There are
old campus building and the new one.I lived in the new campus building, but I must go to the old campus building to have the exam.It was so far, and I took the bus to there for 45 minute.At 8:00 AM, the exam began.I was so nervous.First, we did the dication.Luckly, it is very easy, and I did it quickly.Then, it was the listening comprehension.It was also easier than before except the news of teenager smoking read so quickly, so that I can not hear clearly.Next the teacher gave us 50 minutes to do the cloze, grammer, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.When I heard 50
minutes to do many questions, I was astonished.The fact was same as I thought.I used 25 minutes to do the cloze, grammer and vocabulary.Only 25 minutes to do the 4 pieces of reading comprehension.It was too long and too difficult.When I finished the second reading comprehension.Our teachers said the time was over.And I must hand in my paper.All right, it was the first time that I thought the time went by so quickly! I hope I can pass the exam.