I'm TOTALLY a beginner!!

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Feb 13, 2010 09:46
Hello, everyone! How are you?

I stayed at home all day today, but I spent busy day yesterday.
I had a English class, chatted with Japanese friend at Panera and.......
joined the CHINESE class!!
I live in a university town, so there are some school that anyone can join and learn various languages. It's one of advantages to live here.
I have been thinking of learning other languages when my English skills got better. I know that I still have a lot of problems in English, well, maybe I just wanted to try somehing new!^^

Why do you think that I chose Chinese class?
Actually, I don't know!
I'm just interested in Chinese culture and their language.
Japanese are familiar with Chinese characters from our childhood,
so, we may have a little acquintance with Chinese.

Anyway, the first class weren't easy!!!!
We practiced their unique 4 tone and some sounds,
and I found their pronunciations are really difficult><

But, learning another language was a very fresh thng for me!
I had to take French class when I was a university student,
and then, I developed an ALLEGRY to French completely....^^;
So, it has been about 8 years
since I quit learning other languages except for English.

Learning other lnguages are very interesting, arem't they?
I'm looking forward to feeling how it will work to my life from now!!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!
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