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Feb 7, 2010 09:24
Basically,my husband and I love to spend holidays by going out to somewhere.But we had heavy snow in Indiana state yesterday, so we spent today at our home all day. What we did was watching our favorite drama,「Siroi(白い)Kyotou(巨塔)」(if I turn it into in English,,,,,White castle?!, maybe). The set of drama is the hospital and two main characters are doctors. Both of them are wonderful doctors, but their personalities are totally different. Both of them respect each other very much, but they argue a lot. For example, how hospital should be, what the most important thing is and so on. I basically support Dr.Zaizen until the first half of the drama, but always switch to support Dr.Satomi after that.Hmmm, it's the tough dicision, though..
Dr.Zaizen or Dr.Satomi, the doctor you want to support depends our personality, I think.
Anyway,we love the drama very much because that expresses every characters' emotion really well. Ambition,jealousy,love...and so on.
Besides, this drama has a reality.Even though I know this is fiction, I still feel kind of reality to this drama.
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