My BEST friend's birthday

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Feb 6, 2010 08:29
Today, February 6th is my best friend's birthday!! I've just sent birthday mail to her! She is a year younger than I. She and I encountered at the horseback riding circle of our university. We were from the same university in Tokyo. It's been a long time (9 years !?) since we met at first.So, we are the long term frinds. Basically, we have totally different tastes of fashion, hairstyle, shoes, accesorries and so on. Because of that, my hubby sometimes says to me 「why have you guys made and kept the relationship so good??」Oh, it's easy thing to reply! Our way of feeling is similar in many cases.It's just comrtable for us. Besides,we have went through looooots of joy and sorrow in our school days. I was always helped by her, especially I lost my love....(it was big love for me in those days) When we are the freshman, we spent quite long time at the circle, we had to take care of horses and there are many INTERESTING thing in the circle, so our conversation just continued......EVERY DAY!! Sometimes we stayed a night in her home with talking...we were young^^;
She is a really positive, reliable and considerate person. I really like her!! She has pursued her dream now. She works at the company, but at the same time, she has gone to the school for fulfilling her future dream someday. I admire her attitude very much. I also have a dream to get A job after I come back to Japan. I have pushed myself for that here. So, we have encouraged each other. We are living in a kind of same situation even though the place where we're living is different now.
She visited to me almost one and a half years ago, in spite of Indiana state is absolute COUNTRY. We had a great days together. Last December, I came back to Japan with my hubby for Christmas vacation. I met with her in Tokyo and also we enjoyed talking a lot and went shopping. At that time, she visited me from her home prefecture. She would have thought that I'm very tired because I came back from USA. She is always very kind☆I think that I should follow her example as a person.

Happy birthday to Y chan♪
Talk to soon!

Thank you for reading.
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