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Feb 5, 2010 16:34
It's the first time for me to write my diary in Lang-8!! I have been living in Indiana state for 2 and a half years with my hubby. He transffered here from the hqrs in Tokyo to here. I've taken a English classes(ESOL) at the university.I've gone to there twice a week. I made friends with some Korean girls. One of them is really interested in Japanese culture. Explaining Japanese culture in English is still difficult for me,but talking with the girls who from other countries is very interesting and fun thing^^ Oh, because I' m from Tokyo,living in country was a kind of stress for me at first. But, recently, I've felt lots o advantages for living here. At first,the area where we've lived has looooots of nature and we can see small animals daily. They are very pretty and still fresh thing for me.We haven't had any children now, but we have enjoyed spending spare time by ourselves very much.My hubby and I have some common hobbies and one of them is seeing movies. Although both of us aren't good at English at all, we are big fan of movies. In comparison with in Japan, the cost of seeing movies are cheaper here^^ It's the most joyful thing at least for me♪We have seen over 60 movies after we moved here in some theaters together. Almost all time, understanding all conversations were too difficult.......but we can understand main parts of story. Now we're looking forward to seeing 「Crazy Heart」! Someday, I hope to understand every conversations of every movies without doubt.

Thank you for reading!