02 october 2017

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Oct 3, 2017 01:51 #dailyjournal #english
It's been 2 days that I have not written my journal because I was busy due for my aunt and friend's birthday party; I very enjoyed it especially I met some classmates that I have not seen for a very long time.Both of the parties was on Sunday. In the morning, I was at my aunt's house, but before I went to Caravaggio(A famous church in Italy) to celebrate Mass with my relatives.At lunch, I ate many different foods. Unfortunately, my diet was ruined and I also knew that I would have eaten other junk foods in the evening, but I could not help it; it was very delicious.After my aunt's party, I went directly to Biccoca where the party had to take place.At the mall, we went to Old Wild West to have dinner then we play bowling and billiard.
I can tell that we really had fun.
Today instead, in the morning, I played basketball with my cousins; we stay there until 12 pm.Later, around 2 pm, I played FM17 (Football Manager 2017): I spent all the afternoon playing it.Thanks to my self-discipline, I have decided to write this journal to maintain my habit and to keep practicing English.
Thus, thank you so much!
Correct all my mistakes and the reasons.