06 October 2017

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Oct 7, 2017 05:56 #dailyjournal #english
Do you like your job?
I do not work right now.I am still unemployed but I have recently done an entrance exam for a course.It's about post-production; everything related to visual effect, television, and cinema.

Do you hope to do this job for a long time?
If they will accept me, probably, I will end up working as a VFX artist which is my dream job.I really like working in this field, making effects like you watch in movies. Then this is a job where you travel a lot, that means, you might meet international people; I love to meet new people that have the same passion as I have.Thus, do I hope to do this job for a long time?Definitely.

Do you still live in the town where you grew up?
No, I do not.I am Filipino but I actually live in Milan.I was born in Italy but my parents decided to go back in the Philippines when I still was three or four years old.I spent two years there. Then my parents moved again to Italy, not in Milan but to Messina, a small country in the Sicily, where I spent all my childhood till fifteen years old where we moved again to Milan due to my parent's job.

Do you think it has changed since you were young?
I recently went back to Messina but everything was as same as when I left.The only thing is that my old house is not mine anymore but my relatives have never changed.

Do you like reading?
I do like reading especially personal growth books but I like fantasy book as well.My favorite authors are Dale Carnegie and Terry Brooks.The first one is known for his books about social skills.The second one is one of my favorite fantasy authors; you should give a read to the Shannara trilogy that he wrote.

Do you think people will continue to read books in the future?
Of course but the way that they read could be different from the way that we read now.Probably, they will read using digital high-end technology like smartphones, tablet and similar.Only people that like leafing pages would use Print books.
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