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Oct 13, 2016 01:11 #life #lesson #interview #ryanair #flightattendant #recruitmentday #english
Yesterday I attended to the Ryanair interview day for the position flight attendant.
I was very nervous and anxious but at the same time proud to be there.
Before I had to ask to my friend if he wants to go along with me,and fortunately he accepted but for a condition.This was, I had to pay the shuttle ticket for him because the interview was in Bergamo and we currently live in Milan.
My friend and I arrived around 10 am and the inverview had to start at 10:30 am so we arrived early.
Many people were there and everyone was very elegant and profesional with their suit.
After we had waited, the interviewers called everyone to go to the room where the presentation had to be.I left my friend and I went inside.
They discussed about the company,the training course and all informations about the recruitment day.After all that we began our english test.It was difficult and I was not prepared and that's why I did not past.
Unfortunately this happen to everyone once in a life, but I am not giving up and I am going to try again but this time I am going to give my 100%.